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Why Rabbit Vibrators Are So Popular

It's not hard to agree that bunny vibrators are one of the MVPs of the sex toy world. But, have you ever wondered why bunny vibrators feel so good?
As it turns out, these hilarious companions have cemented their place in our hearts and our nightstands for a number of reasons. We explain it all here.
Rabbit vibrators relax internal and external muscles and bring extra blood flow to the area.
Thousands of nerve endings receive vibrations, which signal your brain to wake up.
They can give you an incredible hybrid orgasm by stimulating two parts of your internal clitoral structure: the clitoral ball and the g-spot.
Rabbit vibrators feel good to us because they give us the clitoral stimulation we often lack in penetrative sex.

How vibration affects the body

We all love vibrators and we know how great they feel. But what exactly happened there?
There are several reasons why your bunny vibrator actually feels good. First, they relax your muscles, which can help you get into a sensual, relaxed mood. When stress leaves your body, you may find it easier to focus on pleasurable feelings.
Second, they increase blood flow to the genital area. There are thousands of nerve endings in and around the genitals that sense vibrations. All of this sensory-related information travels along the pudendal nerve, a sensory nerve that reaches the brain.
Because you're already feeling high, your brain interprets this information as sexual arousal. This brings more and more blood to your genital area, making it slightly swollen and super sensitive.
As the surface area increases, the vibration has more nerve endings to please, and the chain reaction continues.

The beauty of mixed orgasms

You may have heard that the g-spot is some kind of magic spot in the vagina that feels great when stimulated and can lead to orgasm. It's not entirely wrong, but there's definitely more to this story.
Surprisingly, recent research has shown that the g-spot isn't a separate thing, it's all part of what we call "the internal structure of the clitoris."
In 2005 (yes, recently), urologist Helen O'Connell and her colleagues published a paper called "The Anatomy of the Clit." This is what finally gives us a complete and accurate picture of the appearance of the clitoris using MRI images of the actual female anatomy.
The outer part we call the clitoris is just a small part of the entire clitoris. The visible part is called the "clitoral ball," but the rest of the clitoris extends over your body, on either side of the vagina.

With the help of a cute smiling clit, you can see what it looks like here:

So what does this have to do with rabbit vibrators and why do they feel good?
Well, when you use the bunny vibe, you can see that you're actually stimulating two parts of the same structure. Your bunny's shaft hits your g-spot, which is part of the clitoral body, while the arm stretches up and stimulates your clitoral ball.
Both are very sensitive, and stimulating them at the same time can lead to incredible mixed orgasms.
Here's a clitoral orgasm and a g-spot orgasm, all in one glorious, explosive package! It will feel stronger, deeper and longer lasting than other orgasms and leave you feeling very breathless afterwards!
Of course, you can achieve a similar effect by using a g-spot vibrator and manually stimulating your clitoris - in fact, many people prefer to use g-spot vibes this way.
However, getting double the vibration from a bunny vibrator can add to the fun even more!

The importance of clitoral stimulation

As you probably know, in heterosexual relationships, men and women are not fully balanced in terms of sexual satisfaction.
Men tend to experience gratification more frequently and reliably than women and are also more likely to orgasm during intercourse. We call it the orgasm gap, or the pleasure gap.
According to researcher Laurie Mintz, a big reason for this is a lack of understanding of the importance of the clitoris. Penetration tends to focus on the vagina, the part where the penis owner derives pleasure, and the clitoris is often overlooked.

So, what does this have to do with why rabbit vibrators feel good?

This is because they give our clits the love they deserve! With something in your vagina, massaging at the g-spot or even the a-spot (further away) feels great, but it's usually not enough without the extra clitoral stimulation.
With bunny vibes, we can satisfy our cravings for penetration and clitoral stimulation all at once!

Why does my rabbit vibrator feel bad?

The joy of trying to find a bunny vibrator isn't as rare as you might think. Although they are a ubiquitous sex toy, they are not always easy to get hold of!

Some of the most common reasons why your bunny vibrator doesn't feel as good as you want are:
It's the wrong shape for your body, and the bunny arm doesn't have enough clitoral contact.
Vibration is not strong enough.
You need more manual g-spot massage.
The shaft is too thin or too thick for you to enjoy.
If your bunny vibrator isn't making enough clitoral contact, consider a vibrator with a flexible or adjustable shaft, such as the We-Vibe Nova 2. This will allow you to get a good clitoral feel with penetration depth and angle.

Or, you might find that jabbing a rabbit feels great, but it stops you from constantly stimulating your clitoris. In this case, there are many other vibrators that provide more manual g-spot massage.

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