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What Do You Think About Sex Toys

Sex is not a monster, nor is it something out of the table, on the contrary, it is the most beautiful thing God has given you. Just like eating and sleeping, it's simple and beautiful. Times are advancing and ideas are changing. Sex toys are no longer such a shameful thing, but are slowly being accepted by young people.

1. Do sex toys look weird?

Weird and normal are relative terms, maybe you find it uncomfortable to talk about these in public, but just realize that everyone can be the same behind closed doors and your X life will be happier and easier . Sex toys don't make X weird, after all, it's a very personal thing, it's meant to make your X more enjoyable, and it's worth pursuing.

2. Are sex toys addictive?

Addiction means regular use. Frequent use of sex toys will not harm you, but personal hygiene and utensil hygiene should be done well. Although some people may become dependent on the habit of using sex toys, you don't need to force quit, and anyone can easily go back to "ziwei" or a life without sex toys with an X partner.

3. If a woman uses sex toys, she doesn't need a man?

Sex toys are not a substitute for people. Sex toys don't hug you or tell you how much he loves you. But it can make X life more harmonious between lovers.

4. Men only use sex toys when they can't get real sex?

If you think about it, life is really a closed loop. When I was young, I didn’t know anything, and when I was old, I didn’t remember anything. Only in the middle of the transition, the ups and downs, the rise and fall of laughter and tears, sooner or later, there will be physical forgetting. The only thing that can be done is to record, so that the temples will not be sitting withered at dusk.
5. Are sex toys used by people who live discordantly or without X?
Anyone can use sex toys. The survey found that partners who have used sex toys generally have a higher quality of life and greater emotional intimacy. Otherwise, it will be plain and bland every time. You don't think it's boring, and he also thinks it's tasteless!

6. Sex toys make X unnatural?

We hear a lot of false claims about X, one of which is that natural X means only physical contact. of course not. If we use tools or sex toys to make it more interesting, it doesn't make X unnatural, sex toys don't run on batteries, but our imagination.

7. Some sex toys are good, some are bad?

Sex toys are neither good nor bad, except those that are potentially dangerous. Sex toys are all about how we use them. A magic wand may be too strong for one person, but perfect for another. The trick is to find sex toys that work for you. Most toys are something that some people like and some people don't, and it varies from person to person.

8. Are more expensive sex toys better?

A massage stick that costs a few hundred dollars may give you more pleasure than one that costs thousands. Expensive sex toys may be more durable or use better materials or even be more waterproof, but they won't necessarily make you feel better or give you more fun. Sex toys are like many other products, and the one within the budget can serve the same purpose, and usually all we need is to find the one that suits us.

9. Is it better to buy sex toys?

One is the flagship store of Tmall Okamoto, a well-known brand of adult product sets, and the product quality can still be trusted. The second is the Tmall Xiaohuangji adult products franchise store, the online store of the professional sex toys evaluation team. The products are safe and easy to use and there is no secondary sales. Although it is professional, the store does not have many products to choose from. The third is the Tmall Feishi medical equipment franchise store. This is a medical store. The climax fluid and delay spray have good effects and no side effects. The fourth is various online celebrity shops, such as erotic lingerie or some special hobbies.

10. Sex toys may cause harm to the body?

Sex toys don't hurt the body, but the following situations: use dozens of times a day, and the plug is broken! Inferior fakes, play bad! Never wash, dirty!! It's too big, it's broken

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