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Review of the Best Pocket Vaginal Masturbators of 2022

Review of the Best Pocket Vaginal Masturbators of 2022

What is a Pocket Cat?

The Pocket Pussy is a male masturbation condom designed to look and feel like a real vagina. Using one will enhance your sensations and pleasure while masturbating. Initially, these sex toys could only be used as vaginas, but as technology improved, so did pocket pussies. There are many male masturbators that look less like vaginas but feel better due to the materials and technology used in them.

A good pocket pussy really takes masturbation to the next level.

The problem is, there are hundreds of pocket pussies on the market—and, like any sexual pleasure, what's exciting for one person may not be for another.

If you love the sound of sexy, gasping moans in your ears as your toys work their magic, the Pipedream has you covered
As if that wasn't enough, there are also 10 spin and spin functions to choose from - plus 5 active speed levels. Combine all of this with a realistic, ultra-soft sleeve and incredible interior textures, and you have a toy that will truly take your breath away.

Speaking of breathing, if you love the sexy, breathing moan in your ears as your toys work their magic, the Pipedream has you covered. The free earbuds that come with the toy deliver extremely sexy audio, again adding to the realism.

The PDX Elite has almost too many features to cover - there's a suction mount for hands-free playback, a viewing window, a closed end for added suction feel, and an easy-to-use charger for recharging the battery if you want to really Discreet, there is also a lockable storage lid.

The Ultimate Milker Pussy's suction cup holder is strong enough to stick to most surfaces so it can be used hands-free. You can push as hard as you want, making this the most authentic experience possible.
You probably didn't expect to fall in love with a pocket pussy, did you? !
If visual stimulation gets you over the edge, Pipedream's Fuck Me Silly To Go Lifelike Full Body Pocket Pussy is the toy for you

There are accessories for preheating TPE and silicone pocket pussies - but since this toy is 100% waterproof, just placing it in warm water for a few minutes is enough for FantaFlesh to come to body temperature for added realism. The interior ribbed texture feels great when you slide inside.

If the idea of a sex doll is appealing but not practical, this is a more discreet and easy-to-storage option. It's also super stretchy - so it'll feel great no matter what length and girth you're using.

We made the STU our top performance enhancing toy on this list because it really is a super tight pocket pussy

In fact, Fleshlight claims that if you can get 10 minutes with their tightest pocket pussies, you'll be able to get 20 with a real mate.

Honestly, the endurance training factor is only half the story here. If you're just looking for the best way to make your penis feel great, you can't go wrong with the Stamina Training Unit. There are dozens of raised bumps inside the sleeves - they are stunning. With the patented SuperSkin sleeve - the gold standard in sex toy materials - you'll truly take masturbation to a whole new level.

Similar to the other hitters on this list, the sleeve can be heated to body temperature for added realism to the experience. There's a twist cap on the bottom of the case that lets you control the suction power with each stroke. You can make it feel tighter or looser by tightening the cap.

The entire unit can also be disassembled for easy cleanup and quick drying.

Kiiroo's Natalia Starr Pocket Pussy

Feel Natalia is Kiiroo's pocket pussy modeled after Natalia Starr's real pussy.
You can enjoy a high-quality pocket pussy made of TPE, which is very soft and skin-like.
Compared to Fleshlights, it has a larger and softer front, which makes it softer to use.

Natalia Starr Pocket Cat Conclusion

Finally, there's some competition for Fleshlights' dominance in the world of pocket vaginas. Kiiroo has just launched a collection of pornstar pocket pussies called the FeelStar Collection.

Currently there are only 5 different options available, but more will be added frequently.

I've tested them all and feel Natalia is my personal favorite.
You also have the option to get an automatic stroking device called the Keon, which turns it into a more advanced male masturbator.
If you want a high quality pocket pussy that isn't from Fleshlight, I recommend Feel Natalia Starr.

Tera Patrick's Tightest Pocket Pussy

Tera Patrick's pocket pussy is molded from her real pussy and looks fantastic. The interior has a lot going on in its narrow passageways.
You can use it hands-free in the shower with the stand, or use it with Universal Launch.

Tera Patrick Fleshlight Conclusion

Tera Patrick's pocket pussy is the best choice if you want a super tight pocket pussy with lots of stimulation.
The texture makes it feel really intense, and it's perfect for guys with smaller-than-average penis girths or guys who just want a really intense fuck.
If you like tight pussy, I recommend Tera Patrick's Pocket Pussy.

Ana Foxxx's Black Pocket Pussy

It's a shame that black pocket pussies are rare! We need more diversity in the sex toy world, and you and I can help make that happen!
Ana Foxxx's real vagina has been molded to make her amazing black pocket pussy look and feel even more realistic.

Ana Foxxx's Black Pocket Pussy Conclusion

Yep, another pocket pussy from Fleshlight has made it to the top pocket pussy list.
I don't know what they did with the material, but it looks and feels beautiful, and it feels so much better when you hold it in your hand.
The texture is interesting, a good medium kick with medium firmness.
If black pocket pussy is what you want, look no further than the Ana Foxxx Fleshlight.

La Vie en Roses Japanese Pocket Pussy

This dual hole pocket pussy/butt is designed for your special enjoyment. Why confine yourself to the vagina? Dive deep into its tight anus and enjoy the dual material design with its light pink skin and red/pink vaginal color.

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