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What is a Rose toy? Why This Suction Toy Went Viral on TikTok

What is a Rose toy? Why This Suction Toy Went Viral on TikTok

The first thing that catches your attention is the presence of the flower-shaped vibrator, aptly called the Rose Toy (or Rose Sex Toy) — and is probably responsible, at least in part, for its popularity on TikTok over the past year.

But it's the elegant, unassuming rumble of a sucking vibrator that really gets people talking. In a clip that has 3.9 million views, one user testifies that it made her leave in 30 seconds. Other similarly passionate videos can be found under the hashtags #TheRoseToy and #TheRoseReview.

TikTok might not be the place you immediately think of going for sex toy tips. A healthy chopped salad recipe? certainly. The latest viral trend? Absolutely. But sex toys...? Maybe not so much.

But before you get back to your trusty wand vibrator, hear us out — as unlikely animal friendships and incognito ex-stalking sometimes social media offer, in this case, TikTok will be winner. It's called "The Rose," a (you guessed it) flower-shaped clitoral suction toy that won't look too out of place on your cape.

What is a rose sex toy?

You may see rose toys described as vibrators, clitoral suction cups, or happy air toys - but they're all the same thing: clitoral suction toys. About 7cm tall, it looks like a stemless rose with a hole in the middle of the petals to wrap around your clitoris (or nipple - no judgment here) and suck it. It's made of ultra-soft, medical-grade silicone—it's comfortable in your hand—and it charges using magnetic USB, so there's no distracting bumpy wire port.

How do rose sex toys work?

Rose Toys uses air technology to mimic the essence of cunnilingus - think suction, vibrating and vibrating, licking sensations. Sounds good, doesn't it? It has 10 settings to choose from, ranging from a steady rumble of six intensities to four different hum patterns.

What sets it apart from other clitoral suction toys is its strength, in addition to its aesthetics - as demonstrated in many videos of putting the toy in water.

How do you use rose sex toys?

Fully charged and ready to rock? Follow these easy steps to get the best from your rose toy.

As with any sex toy, clean it with a mild antibacterial soap or sex toy cleaner before and after use.
Any piercings or jewelry in the genital area are removed.
Comfortably lubricate toys, yourself or both! Water-based lube is recommended to avoid damage to sex toys.
Open the labia slightly to expose the clitoris and surround it with the head of the toy. Use light pressure to maintain a tight seal.
Explore different settings and enjoy!
Why is the rose toy trending on TikTok?
Let's just say there are some sex-positive queens (and kings) out there sharing some honest comments. With glowing faces and smug looks, users flocked to TikTok to describe their experiences with the rose toy.

In a video that has 3.9 million views, the slightly stunned uploader claims she arrived with a rose in 30 seconds and hilariously called it "disrespectful" because she didn't have time to find one for herself Good video to enjoy it. Meanwhile, the comments below are filled with users claiming that the rose works so quickly that it "steals" their orgasm, with warnings to put down the towel if you choose to indulge.

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