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Let the Climax Keep Coming! Learn to Turn on Your Pleasure Switch

Let the Climax Keep Coming! Learn to Turn on Your Pleasure Switch

To reap full sexual bliss, women need to arouse their vaginas.
Only when women liberate their inherent concepts and supplement them with appropriate exercises, will the deeper HIGH experience be detonated. And once you've had a vaginal orgasm, you know that a clitoral orgasm is pretty much just foreplay.

Chinese female doctor Yuwei made another voice after her medical knowledge and bold self-exploration—the clitoris can indeed bring about orgasms, but there is also sexual feeling in the vagina, and most women just don’t realize it.

1. Change your mind

Every woman's body is a miracle

In fact, a woman's vagina is not only the birth canal, it can also feel different pleasures, which may be a point or a certain area. To know that a woman's body potential is unlimited, the key depends on whether you want to develop and awaken it. For the vagina that is used to silence, if it has not been awakened, it will always be in a state of deep sleep and ignorance. Better sex is only possible when you have the desire to further develop yourself and a naturally relaxed attitude towards your body.

2. Be an active woman

My body, I call the shots! My orgasm, I call the shots!

Some girlfriends around me have a negative attitude towards sex, and have hardly experienced the joy of sex. In their view, sex is just boring gymnastics, as long as the body is lying down and posing a few poses to fool men. Because many women have such similar misconceptions in their minds, they have always been passive in sex.

In fact, our body tells us what it needs and what it lacks. It's just that too much depression and restraint make us unable to hear the natural call of the body. Now, start to learn to open your heart, relax your body, listen to the most authentic voice of our body and meet her needs, and you will find a completely different self.

3. Break the mold

Let the body try new possibilities

Don't put on the hat of "no vaginal orgasm" easily, because without proper development and training, vaginal orgasm will not come naturally.

4. Don’t rush to find the G-spot

Follow the feeling of the body, the most important thing is to enhance the sexual vitality in the vagina

"Wake Up Vagina" is definitely a landmark sex symbol. Find out what it feels like inside your vagina, just as our taste buds need to be sensitized to taste those delicious treats, so does the vagina. It is important to know that the feeling in the vagina is not born, it needs to be developed the day after tomorrow. As a woman, one thing that needs to be kept in mind is: happiness is not something a man gives you, but you have to fight for it yourself. This process requires sufficient self-confidence and curiosity as well as positive action.

5. Train the vagina

Capturing the subtlest sensations in the body starts with vaginal training

1. Vaginal dumbbells are the best sex training props

Gynecologists will recommend women with urinary incontinence to use vaginal dumbbells for sphincter exercises. This method is also suitable for women who are eager to gain more HIGH sex. First of all, it is best to choose the kind of vaginal dumbbells with a complete set but different sizes and weights, which are more suitable for different stages of practice. For example, start with the lightest 100-gram dumbbell, and then gradually increase the weight of the dumbbell. Through such step-by-step ball clamping exercises, the effect of tightening vaginal muscle strength can be achieved.

TIPS Vaginal dumbbell exercise (clamp ball exercise) requires a period of persistence. After practicing to a certain extent, you will experience that the time for expressing orgasm will be shortened and the ability will be enhanced. The length of time for this process varies from person to person, so don't be too anxious.

2. Learn to control your breathing, you will gain more surprises

Sex is physical work. Like YOGA, correct breathing is needed to reach a more HIGH state. Specifically, the breathing patterns of modern people are often short and rapid, and making love should be a leisurely enjoyment. Therefore, you should try to adjust and train your breathing habits to make your breathing longer and slower. Breathing exercises do not need to be performed every day. When you realize that your breathing is too short, you should consciously remind yourself and let yourself develop the habit of long breathing. If you are in a place with fresh air, you can stop and take long breaths for 5 minutes to fill your lungs with fresh, oxygen-enriched air. After a long time, you will feel your body's energy gradually increase. At this time, your sexual energy level will also maintain a simultaneous increase.

TIPS When exploring one's own body, learn to savor every subtle feeling slowly in a state of even breathing, calmly find one's own explosive point, and wake up the sleeping vagina.

Vaginal awakening, what are the signs?

After a period of dumbbell exercises and breathing adjustments, you will find some changes in your body. How to tell if your vagina has woken up? In fact, the most obvious sign that the vagina is starting to wake up is that the vagina will have a pleasant sensation similar to soreness and swelling due to walking or changes in body posture. If you feel this way, your vagina has begun to wake up, which is a prerequisite for the ability to have a good orgasm.

Yuwei said: "If you want to go to the palace of happiness with your lover, you must first understand where your source of happiness is. Learn to listen to and feel your body, and learn to accept the awakening of those bodies. From body to mind , Recognize yourself, recognize sex. Only when you love sex from the heart and love the feeling of unity of body and mind, can a woman get the ultimate orgasm that she dreams of, including physical and psychological orgasms."

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