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Anal Toys Guide:12 Tips to Teach You to Choose the Most Suitable Anal Toys

Anal Toys Guide:12 Tips to Teach You to Choose the Most Suitable Anal Toys

You know what's so special about anal sex? Anyone can enjoy it! The anus is full of sensitive nerve endings that just like to be stimulated. Inside the ass, there's more fun. Many people with vaginas experience anal pleasure as the clitoral legs extend into the anus. Most men with penises have a prostate, which when stimulated can facilitate intense orgasms.

Of course, we absolutely love using sex toys during anal sex. Introducing a toy is a great way to experience the many sensations of anal stimulation. Choosing anal toys may seem like a daunting task, but we're here to take the guesswork out of the process. Don't worry; it won't take long and you'll be playing ass in no time!

After all, anal sex toys are versatile. Are you familiar with all types of anal toys? There are prostate massagers, anal plugs, wireless control vibration anal plugs, anal beads, anal stretching toys, anal dildos, douching supplies, etc.

Picking out the perfect anal toy can seem a little difficult. There are hundreds of anal toys on the market - each with a unique design and a specific purpose. Anal toys that are suitable for tiredness may not be suitable for solo masturbation. Stretch toys designed for playing with the biggest dildo you own may not be suitable for a quick stretch before anal sex. So how do you know which toys are best for you?
Here are a few little tips that might help you.

you want to wear Anal toys outside

Butt plug! The most important aspect of letting your anal play is having a sex toy that you can stay in without failure, worry, or discomfort. That means butt plugs are the way to go. However, not every butt plug is right for you. Make sure to do some testing in your own home. You want to be able to stand up, walk around and bend over without feeling the toy slip off your hip. Worst case scenario? Make sure to wear underwear when wearing the plug outdoors - in case it slips out. It might be awkward for your plug to slip out of the middle of the grocery store, but it takes that awkwardness to another level when it falls to the floor beneath your feet while you're standing in front of the checkout line. (To learn more, read Is it okay to wear a butt plug all the time?)

You want to wear Anal toys at home

The "naughty" feel of enjoying anal sex while doing mundane chores will fill your day with sexy spontaneity. If you're looking for a hands-free anal toy experience while doing things at home, you'll want to use anal plugs again. Unlike the butt plug you choose to wear outdoors, you don't have to be so picky about indoor toys. While it can be frustrating to occasionally have your plug slip out, it's easy to get into your own bathroom and slide things back where they need to be. Due to the laid-back vibe in your home, consider vibrating stoppers or stoppers that are thicker than you usually think.

You want others to control it in public

When you want someone else to control your pleasure in a "dangerous" situation, you need to turn to a wirelessly controlled vibrating buttplug. These have grown in popularity over the past few years. With the push of a button on the tiny remote, your partner can control the intensity of the vibrations while the two of you sit down to dinner at your favorite restaurant. Maybe they'll even crank up the intensity, just a little, just in time for you to order. If you plan on using a vibrating butt plug in a public place, be sure to do a test run at home to make sure the vibration is quiet enough - and the plug stays in place.

You'll want to use it for bigger toys over time

Like anything else in the human body, your body can be "trained" to accept and enjoy bigger and bigger toys over time. In fact, this is often the recommended route for those who are new to the anal sensation and want to finally enjoy anal sex. You start with a small toy and wear it for a while until your body no longer feels discomfort from insertion. Then you choose a bigger anal toy - and repeat the process. When choosing a toy for long-term enjoyment, you'll want to choose a toy with a diameter larger than your current comfort level. If you opt for a butt plug, you'll want to choose one that's only slightly larger than your current level, and then buy it when you're more comfortable. But if you're on a tight budget (or don't want a ton of ass toys!), the tapered oversized dildo might be worth a look. This means that the tip of the toy is much smaller than the bottom. The point of this dildo is that you insert the dildo slowly, day after day, allowing your body to adjust to the size. Don't expect to be able to bring this dildo to base - at least, not anytime soon. The point of buying toys that vary in size along the axis is that you can stretch yourself by treating each point of the axis as a new point.

You want to masturbate solo with anal toy

Any anal toy you want to use for solo must be simple enough that you can "set it and forget it" or play it with one hand. Presumably, your other hand may have other uses! Butt plugs, with their "set it and forget it" mentality, can be a great addition to masturbation. However, you might want a little more intensity from anal toys. If this is the case, consider anal beads with easy-to-remove handles. The helpful handle should make it easier to move the beads with one hand. If that's not to your liking, consider a dildo with a suction cup. Suction cups hold the toy in place for hands-free penetration.

You want to use it as foreplay with your partner

Every anal toy can be used as foreplay with your partner! You don't have to worry about size, your ability to use it yourself, or your ability to be discreet. Choose your favorite anal toy. Anal plugs or anal beads may be a good option if you want to continue exploring your partner's body with your hands while the object is being inserted. If you're looking for a more active way to explore anal sensations with your partner, an anal dildo can be a pleasurable option. An enema or douche can be an intimate and vulnerable way to prepare yourself for deep anal sex later.

You're a man and want a hands-free orgasm

If you're a man and want hands-free orgasms, your best bet is a prostate toy. While these toys often have bulky bases that aren't ideal for sitting on and tiny diameters that aren't ideal for stretching, they do have designs that are specifically designed to hit the prostate. You slide into the prostate massager and the toy presses against the prostate with every internal tightening of your muscles. Some also vibrate for extra stimulation! While hands-free orgasms are unlikely the first time you use them, with some practice, a considerable number of users have been able to achieve hands-free orgasms. (Unfortunately, female bodies don't have a prostate, so while these toys may feel great, they may not be orgasmic for those with female bodies.)

How to Choose Safe Anal Sex Toys

Even if you consider yourself physically fit, sex toy safety is no joke. When buying sex toys, make sure to choose reputable brands and choose materials that are harmless to your body, such as 100% silicone. It comes in varying degrees of softness and is the best material for those who enjoy a realistic feel. If you prefer something harder, so to speak, there are also plenty of safe, hard materials out there such as borosilicate glass, stainless steel, treated wood, stone and ceramic. All of these materials are easily sterilized by boiling and should last a long time.

How to Use Anal Toys Safely

Finding safe anal toys is only the first step. You also need to be a responsible toy user. Unless you plan to share the toy box with others, the risk of getting an STI from an anal toy is small. If you're a sharer, you have a few options: You can sterilize the toy between uses, or put on a condom before sharing. Be extra careful if you share toys made of porous materials like ABS plastic or PVC, as these cannot be fully sterilized.

When using sex toys, be sure to have plenty of lube on hand. Not only will this make insertion more comfortable and enjoyable, but it will also help you avoid anal tears, which can make you more prone to infection and injury.

Finally, look for anal toys that are not easy to get lost in the anal canal. Unlike the vagina, there is no natural plug there with a cervix as the back door. You don't want your dildo or butt plug getting lost in the dark unknown!

Anal dildo

You can accomplish a lot with a simple dildo. You can stuff it inside yourself, you can put it in as a sort of butt plug, you can enjoy the added pleasure of a vibrating dildo, or you can rub it against your prostate to induce a prostate orgasm. In general, a good beginner dildo is about 1.5 inches in diameter (about the width of two fingers), but it depends on how experienced you are with anal penetration. Some of our favorite dildo brands include Lovehoney, Fleshjack, Tantus, and Blush Novelties. Look for them at your local sex shop or online.


Beads offer a more gradual and subtle experience than dildos. You warm up with the smallest beads, then you slowly relax with larger and larger beads. As you push the beads into your body, you will feel where each one goes, and you will experience tingling in parts of your body that you may not even know are there. Anal bulbs come in many forms, from narrow to thick, flexible to hard. There's also a vibration option if you like a little extra movement.

sex machine

Stuffing yourself with a sex toy is a great way to take pleasure into your own hands, but the reality is that sometimes our libidos outstrip our energy levels. Some days, you'll want it fast and you'll want it hard. When that happens, a sex machine could become your best friend. For a long time, machines with dildos were mostly the stuff of the porn world. But that's starting to change as more and more cordless, handheld penetration sex machines hit the market.

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