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2022 Sex Toy Shopping Guide: The 6 Best Female Sex Toys

2022 Sex Toy Shopping Guide: The 6 Best Female Sex Toys

Adult products are also known as sex toys. Toys are used to play. Don't deny it, and don't look at these toys in a different way. Facts have proved that sex toys can really bring wonderful benefits to sex life. And the only thing worth discussing about sex toys is the effect. Whether it is comfortable or not, and how comfortable it is, is different for everyone. With the same sex toy, others may be excited to fly, but you don't feel it. But you can't accuse a brand of selling fake products on this ground: "This thing can't make me orgasm, I'm asking for compensation." That doesn't seem to work. Buying sex toys is like buying skin care products. You have to try more to find the ones that suit you. You always have to pay some tuition at the beginning.
So today, let's recommend some of the most popular sex toys, whether you are a novice or an old player, you can choose and try.

Clitoral Vibrators

1.Clitoral Vibrators

Entry level female masturbation massager. Putting something into the body, people initially refused. The clitoral massager is for external use. Women who want to experience the benefits of the erotic massager may wish to start with the clitoral massager.

Bullet Vibrators

2. Bullet Vibrators

This is a wearable sex toy. This is probably the most popular sex toy for couples. It is small and cute, portable and secretive but contains huge energy. The reason why couples like it is probably because the male partner can remotely control it at any time. Whether it is in a shopping mall or a movie theater, because it is concealed enough, it will not be discovered when it is remotely controlled. Even when women work or do other things, they can secretly open it to enjoy the pleasure.

G-spot Vibrators

3. G-spot Vibrators

The G-spot is above the inside of the vagina, and you must use this for massage. The user does not need to move, it will move by itself, and the frequency of movement is super fast, it is a hard-working sex toy. In different modes, the experience is far different. After using this G-spot Vibraors, many users say that they have reached an unprecedented climax.

Vibrator Dildo

4. Vibrator Dildo

Why so many people love dildos may be because of their realism, because the realistic shape and comfortable experience are exactly like real male cocks, and this Vibrator Dildo not only restores the shape of male cocks, but also adds The vibration mode, the suction cup at the bottom frees your hands, allowing you to reach orgasm with your whole body.

Allovers Thrusting Dildo

5. Allovers Thrusting Dildo

Following on from the previous Vibrator Dildo, what we are introducing now is the realistic sucker Allovers Thrusting Dildo. This kind of dildo has no other functions. For some friends who don’t like bells and whistles, this manual dildo is the most suitable and safe The material has a real texture to the touch. You can choose the size of the insert yourself. The bottom can be used to fix the dildo. Even if you are not on the bed, you can free your hands to play with it.

Rose Vibrator Sex toys

6. Rose Vibrator Sex toys

In the past year, this rose sex toy on TikTok came out and suddenly exploded, attracting a large number of people with its unique shape. With its exquisite appearance, it has more practical functions than other products. This 3-in-1 rose sex toy sucks your clitoris while penetrating to stimulate the G-spot.

Whenever someone asks me for advice on buying a sex toy, my first (and only) question is: How do you already enjoy being stimulated? Assuming you've masturbate or had sex before, you should have a general idea of ​​this. Are you referring to yourself or to orgasm just by penetration? Start with a dildo. Do you like to grind during sex and need clitoral stimulation? Get a bullet vibrator. No matter what you like right now, there is always a toy to elevate it.
In our store, we have prepared dozens of sex toys, and we will continue to update new products every month. If you don't find the toy you want this time, please subscribe to our store and contact us. You like it, maybe right away Will customize your favorite sex toys for you.

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